4 Reasons To Donate Eggs

One of the greatest joys in life could be having a baby. However, many women struggle with infertility, and this makes it nearly impossible to conceive. Luckily, In this modern age, this doesn't stop females from having kids. Relying on an egg donor is one of the things that many women do. This can be helpful having a baby and may be something you're interested in doing. Being aware of some of the reasons to donate eggs may motivate you to do so.

Living With Atrial Fibrillation? Three Tips For Keeping Your Heart Healthy This Summer

Intense heat can be hard on the heart. While healthy people can usually handle summer heat without too much trouble, those who have weakened hearts can be in danger when the temperatures get too high. That includes patients living with atrial fibrillation, or AFib, a type of heart arrhythmia that affects at least 2.7 million Americans. Although some patients consider the condition minor – and many may not even notice symptoms – atrial fibrillation is a serious condition that could cause severe health problems.

Tips For Managing Your Overactive Bladder

Having an overactive bladder can be extremely frustrating. You constantly feel as though you have to go to the bathroom, even if you had just gone a few minutes ago. You might experience spasms that cause some urine to come out when you are not over a toilet. It can disrupt your life and make going out and doing things difficult. Here are some tips for managing your overactive bladder so that it does not negatively impact your life.

Top Three Options For Treating Spinal Compression Fractures Without The Use Of Surgery

If you have recently been diagnosed with a spinal compression fracture, and you do not want to treat it via surgery, here are four other options that you should discuss with your doctor. Combined with the right treatment plan, the four options below many allow your spinal compression fracture to heal without the need for surgery. #1 Wearing A Brace If you are suffering from a compression fracture, one way to treat it is by wearing a back brace.

Fell And Broke Your Shoulder? 2 Tips To Help Get You Through The First Few Weeks After Surgery

If you fell and broke your shoulder, you likely had shoulder replacement surgery. If so, it can be difficult for the first few weeks as you have only the use of one arm. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make life easier for you, including the two things below. Physical Therapy The most important thing you can do is to go to a physical therapist. Your doctor has likely told you that you should do this.