Tips For Managing Your Overactive Bladder

Having an overactive bladder can be extremely frustrating. You constantly feel as though you have to go to the bathroom, even if you had just gone a few minutes ago. You might experience spasms that cause some urine to come out when you are not over a toilet. It can disrupt your life and make going out and doing things difficult. Here are some tips for managing your overactive bladder so that it does not negatively impact your life.

1. Stop Drinking Caffeine

You might need the caffeine to stay awake, but in reality, you are doing yourself little good productivity-wise if you keep having to go to the bathroom. Caffeine can cause your overactive bladder symptoms to get worse because it causes fluids to run through your system more quickly than they would have otherwise. To cut caffeine out of your life, start by substituting the drinks that you used to drink with their decaf version. Also take the time to set up a regular sleep schedule that you adhere to, even on the weekends. This will allow you to get enough sleep and help minimize the effects of caffeine withdrawal. You might feel very out of it for a few days, but you will notice a change in how often you feel you need to go to the bathroom relatively quickly. Cut back drastically on your alcohol intake as well because this will also cause your overactive bladder symptoms to worsen.

2. Sip Water Throughout the Day

You will need to manage how much water and other fluids you are taking into your body throughout the day in order to minimize your bathroom visits. Try drinking water slowly throughout the day, rather than drinking a lot in one go. When you are exercising, bring a small bottle of water to keep yourself from drinking too much at one time. This will force you to take time between drinks to refill the bottle. 

3. Train Your Bladder

Finally, you can train your bladder to overcome these overactive urges and start behaving normally again. You can do kegels, which are where you clench your pelvic floor for a few seconds and release. You can also feel the urge to urinate and start a timer. Try to hold your urine as long as you can, up to five minutes. This will help retrain your bladder. Talk to your doctor before starting this exercise regime.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in overactive bladder services.