Injuries An Urgent Care Center Will Check For After A Car Accident

After a car accident, most people give themselves a brief assessment and determine whether or not they have any pressing injuries. If your limbs are in one piece, you're not bleeding, and you are awake and aware, then you probably don't need to go to the emergency room. However, it is a good idea to head to the urgent care center and have the practitioners there check you for any less-obvious, less-serious ailments.

How EO Sterilization Can Help Hospitals With Covid-19 Risks

The danger of the Covid-19 pandemic is one that should not be downplayed. Unfortunately, some hospitals may have less efficient sterilization because they have yet to invest in the best tools for managing this danger. These facilities — particularly those that work directly with Covid-19 patients – need to add EO sterilization devices to their facilities to ensure they work properly. Covid-19 Spread Risk May Be High in Hospitals Hospitals and other medical care facilities have taken many steps to ensure that Covid-19 risk isn't high, such as wearing masks and increasing sterilization procedures.

How PRP Injections Help Basketball Players With Torn Tendons

Tendons help support muscles and keep them stable and strong. Unfortunately, they may end up getting torn in a basketball player's legs and cause serious problems that may be a concern for their health. Thankfully, PRP injections can help treat the player's injury. To learn more about PRP stem cell therapy, read on.  Torn Tendons Can Sabotage an Athletic Career Torn tendons may occur at just about any time in an athlete's career, such as when they are going up for a routine layup during a competitive basketball game.

Chilblains Are An Abnormal Response To Cold And May Indicate Poor Circulation In Your Toes

Chilblains are red, purple, and white discolorations on the skin that can be painful and itchy. If you have problems with cold feet and discolorations that look similar to bruises or blisters, have your feet checked by a podiatrist. A podiatrist can provide treatments and teach you ways to reduce your risk of having the problem come back. Here are a few things to know about chilblains and how they affect your feet.

How Sports Medicine Experts Help Young Athletes Avoid Injuries

Becoming a professional athlete is the dream of many young people but is one that can be hard to achieve. A lot of things need to go right for a person to succeed in this way, and raw talent is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, a person must be prepared for the litany of injuries that they may experience and understand how sports medicine care can help them stay healthy and strong.