How PRP Injections Help Basketball Players With Torn Tendons

Tendons help support muscles and keep them stable and strong. Unfortunately, they may end up getting torn in a basketball player's legs and cause serious problems that may be a concern for their health. Thankfully, PRP injections can help treat the player's injury. To learn more about PRP stem cell therapy, read on. 

Torn Tendons Can Sabotage an Athletic Career

Torn tendons may occur at just about any time in an athlete's career, such as when they are going up for a routine layup during a competitive basketball game. Unfortunately, a torn tendon will take the player immediately out of the game and may even cause other physical issues that can be quite painful and hard to tolerate. For example, a torn tendon may not repair properly and leave a player unbalanced.

When a player is unbalanced in this way, they may struggle to take good shots at the basket and end up missing many shots. Or their tendons may end up getting damaged very easily and cause more issues with their body. Thankfully, there are many types of high-quality treatment options that can provide a person with this help, particularly PRP injections from a proper therapist.

Ways PRP Injections May Help

PRP injections are filled with platelet-rich plasma that is designed to boost the healing power of the body in a myriad of ways. Typically, a doctor draws plasma right from the athlete's body and separates the platelet-rich part from the rest of it. Then, the doctor will inject the plasma directly into the patient's injured area. Once the body gets this plasma, it uses the platelets to repair torn tendons and other issues.

As a result, basketball players with torn tendons can heal more quickly and properly, which helps their tendons develop more strength. This can help the player to resist further injuries. In this way, they can get back to playing and practicing more quickly, avoid long-lasting damage that may otherwise impact their career, and stay a strong and competitive player who may get noticed by colleges or professional leagues.

Those who get this type of treatment need to follow other care methods, such as physical therapy, and may even need to get surgery to properly stabilize the tendon. However, the PRP injections can ensure that these tissues heal properly and create the kind of strength that a basketball player needs. Usually, only a handful of injections are needed to get results.