Top Three Options For Treating Spinal Compression Fractures Without The Use Of Surgery

If you have recently been diagnosed with a spinal compression fracture, and you do not want to treat it via surgery, here are four other options that you should discuss with your doctor. Combined with the right treatment plan, the four options below many allow your spinal compression fracture to heal without the need for surgery.

#1 Wearing A Brace

If you are suffering from a compression fracture, one way to treat it is by wearing a back brace. The back brace is not something that you have to wear all day; rather you can put it on when you get up and take it off when you are ready to go to sleep. Although you can sleep in a back brace, it is not always that comfortable.

The brace for your back is often made out of metal or another material that can create a really rigid structure. It is designed to act kind as an exoskeleton for you. It will take some pressure off of your back and allow your compression fracture time to heal. It will also restrict how you can move, which can also help with the healing process. It is a way to give your body additional time and space to heal.

#2 Resting

Often times, in order for a compression fracture to heal, what you really need to do is rest. Taking a week or so off of work to just lay in bed can allow your body the space and time that it needs to heal. Not moving around is often vital to the healing process when you are suffering from a compression fracture.

After you do a period of bed rest, is it best to restrict how you move. You are going to want to lay off any really intense exercise routines and take it easy. A back brace can help with this. The idea is to give your body as much time and space as possible to allow it to heal naturally with the need for surgery.

#3 Treating The Pain

Pain can cause a great degree of discomfort and can prevent you from getting the rest that you need for your compression fracture to heal. Often times, treating the pain goes hand in hand with getting rest and allowing the natural healing process to take its time.

Depending on the severity of your spinal compression fracture, over the counter pain medication may be enough for you. However, if the pain is really intense or just doesn't subside, you may want to take to your doctor about getting a prescription for something that is a little stronger.

#4 Physical Therapy

After you have allowed your body space and time to properly heal, you may want to enter physical therapy. Physical therapy will help you get back to your normal exercise routine after taking it easy and can help you learn how to strengthen your back muscles through your exercise and everyday routine so that you don't get another compression fracture or interfere with the healing process. 

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