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After Oral Cancer Surgery, Speech Therapy Can Help

Being diagnosed with oral cancer is scary. Having surgery to remove the cancer can be even scarier. Once you're healed, you can take a sigh of relief that, at least for now, the threat has been removed. However, adapting to changes in your mouth after surgery for oral cancer can be difficult. Fortunately, working with a speech pathologist can be really helpful during this period of recovery. Here's how. Teaching New Ways to Make Sounds

Why TMS Therapy Is Worth Trying for Stubborn Depression

Some patients are diagnosed with depression, take an antidepressant for a few weeks, and feel much better. For others, treatment and management are much more of a struggle. They may not respond to antidepressants, and therapy may make them feel better only temporarily. If you fall into this second category of patients—patients with stubborn depression—you may initially feel opposed to trying yet another treatment. But if your doctor recommends that you give TMS therapy a try, here's a look at why you ought to consider it.

Health Care Tips for New Parents

A new parent will have much to learn and many major adjustments to make as they adapt to the responsibility of caring for their child. For many new parents, managing the increased health care needs of their growing family can be an ongoing challenge. Avoid Neglecting Your Child's Oral Health Your child's oral health needs can be an aspect of their care that can be easy for new parents to accidentally neglect.

Elderly Care Can Take On Many Elements Of A Person's Healthcare Needs

Getting older isn't easy for most people. For instance, many people may develop severe physical and emotional health problems that may cause suffering that is hard to properly diagnose and manage without help. Thankfully, elderly care professionals can come to a person's home and provide hands-on care as they need it, making their life a little easier. Growing Old Can Cause Many Issues Growing old can often trigger a variety of physical health struggles that can be very hard to properly overcome.

A Few Things to Know About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

If you've been having back pain for a while and treatments recommended by your doctor don't help, your doctor might suggest having back surgery. While the idea of having back surgery could be concerning, it might be possible to have a minimally invasive type of surgery that uses a small incision and has a quicker recovery time. Here are some things to know about minimally invasive spine surgery. Several Back Conditions Can Be Treated