3 Signs You Need An Updated Eye Exam

Your eyes are an important organ of the body and one that most people take for granted every single day of their lives. Without the gift of sight, there would be a lot to miss out on. Consider what you look at every day and imagine for a second not being able to see all of these wonderful things. If you don't take better care of your sight, you may end up missing out on these things. This is why eye exams and wearing the right prescription are so important, as they can help prevent further vision loss. If you aren't sure if you should get an eye exam, read on for some signs that it's time.

1. You Are Squinting More

If you notice that you are squinting more, your eyes feel tired at the end of the day, or you have headaches, it may be because you are straining to see anything at all. Squinting to see may help you see better short term, but in the long term, it is going to eventually affect your vision and cause vision loss, not to mention the tension headaches that are going to linger and the pressure on the eyes you are causing in order to strain to see daily. It's best to update your prescription and get the right eyeglasses so you can see properly.

2. You Notice Visual Changes

If you notice that things you could see clearly before are not so clear any longer, it may be time to update that prescription of yours so you can see again. If your line of vision where you could see far distances has shrunk in size, it's time to get an eye exam. You may also begin to notice other changes such as needing to hold things away from your face in order to see properly. If you have noticed these changes, it's time for an eye exam.

3. You Have An Eye Injury Or Eye Pain

Pain in the eye or some other type of eye injury should take you to the optometrist for an eye exam. Your vision is important, but if the health of your eyes is not well, it will eventually affect your vision. You need to keep up with the health of your eyes, in addition to paying attention to your vision. Make an appointment with the optometrist.

If you notice any of these signs or issues, it's time to make an appointment with the optometrist. Don't wait any longer for your eye exam, make an appointment.