Are You Prescribed Oxycodone And Think You Are Addicted? Tips To Help You Overcome Your Addiction

If you were prescribed a pain killer from your doctor, such as oxycodone, it can be easy to become addicted if you take the medication too long. If you have found yourself taking much more than prescribed and finding that you are craving the feeling that you get, you may be addicted. Below are some side effects you will have if you are addicted to this drug, as well as treatment options available to you.

Side Effects of Oxycodone Addiction  

There are many side effects you may have with this type of addiction. You may have extreme mood swings, which are becoming agitated very easily and quickly. You may have problems concentrating on things you are doing and make poor decisions that you normally would not make. 

It is common for people to miss a lot of work and you may become very paranoid. You also may feel relaxed enough that you would rather sleep than go out and do things. Depression symptoms can also occur, including losing interest in things you once loved. Insomnia can also become prevalent once the addiction becomes worse.

Some physical side effects of oxycodone addiction include weight loss, breathing problems, constipation, fatigue, poor hygiene, and drowsiness. If you continue taking the drug the health problems you may have will be dangerous. 

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

There are many treatment options available to you for this addiction. One is going to drug addiction rehab. In the beginning, you will have to go through a detox to get the drug out of your system. It is important that medical professionals help you with this as detoxing from a drug can get dangerous.

Once the drug is out of your system, you may start out talking with a counselor one on one or have group therapy. Most treatment programs offer both educational and vocational services. You may live in the rehab facility in the beginning if you are very addicted to this drug. After this, you will come back each week to speak with a counselor. 

The counselor will help you determine why you started the drug addiction in the first place. They will also help you find ways to deal with triggers you will have when you are out on your own. This is important as it can be easy to start the addiction over again. 

A substance abuse rehab facility that you choose will give you more information about the type of treatments they offer.