Want A Breast Lift? 3 Factors To Consider

A breast lift is a popular type of cosmetic surgery, especially since age and life changes can drastically affect the size and shape of your breasts. There are various factors to consider, which can help you make the right decision:

Realistic Expectations

Before you decide to have a breast lift procedure, make sure you have realistic expectations and an understanding of what "normal" breasts look like. Some women may want a breast lift because they have unrealistic expectations of how natural breasts look and move. This can create a sense of inadequacy or lower self-esteem if you are erroneously comparing your natural breasts to ones that may be implanted. Natural breasts often resemble a tear-drop shape with more volume toward the bottom. Additionally, if you have larger breasts, they are unlikely to naturally sit high up on your chest.

Different Phases Of Your Life

Although you can decide to have a breast lift at any point in your life, there are some life changes that can make you delay your decision. If you want a breast lift because you have lost a significant amount of weight, it might be wise to move forward with the surgery because there can be several benefits to a lift when you have significant amounts of loose skin. Having your breasts lifted can make it easier to continue your exercise regimen without pain or developing irritation under your breasts.

For women who may be in the midst of starting or expanding their family, you may need to weigh the pros and cons of having a breast lift before you finish having children. A significant disadvantage to having a breast lift before completing your family is pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause additional sagging and loss of volume in your breasts. To help the results last as long as possible, you may want to consider waiting before having the procedure.

The Lure Of Implants

Some women choose to have breast implants when they have a breast lift. If you are on the fence about whether you want breast implants, you might want to only have the breast lift and wait until you can see the final results before deciding on implants. A breast lift can significantly change how your breasts look and it may be unnecessary to enhance them. Often when your breasts are lifted, they may appear fuller depending on how much breast tissue you have. Women with little volume left in their breasts are likely to benefit from implants because they can help create natural contours. In some cases, fat transfers may be an option instead of implants. A fat transfer can be useful if you do not want larger breasts, but may simply want more fullness.

A breast lift can be life-changing, especially if you want to minimize the changes to your body from being overweight or simply regain your confidence. Having the procedure for the right reasons and with realistic expectations will improve your satisfaction with the results.