What Can You Do About Your Child's Lice Problem?

Over-the-counter treatments for lice have been said to be the safest and quickest method of removing lice for years. Unfortunately, lice have become resistant to some of the chemicals that are found in those treatments. Instead of ridding your child's hair of lice, you could end up feeling frustrated. If your child has head lice, here is what you need to know. 

Is Combing Required?

Even if you are using a natural remedy that promises amazing results, take the time to comb through your child's hair and extract the visible nits. There are special combs that you can purchase to get the job done. However, a regular fine-toothed comb can help. 

After combing through your child's hair, check for the presence of more nits. Once you have removed those, you can turn your attention towards getting rid of the lice. 

Can Hot Air Remove Lice?

Hot air applied directly to the hair can help with removing nits and lice. Lice rely on the air for moisture. When they are unable to get the moisture needed, they are more vulnerable to lice removal methods.  

For instance, combing through your child's hair while applying heat to it from a handheld dryer can help greatly reduce the amount of lice and nits you have to remove. Although you can use a stand dryer, it is not as effective as the handheld. Stand dryers do not apply as much heat and you are unable to comb through the hair during the process, which is key to the removal.  

What About Lice Removal Services?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the nits and lice can still inhabit your child's hair. It is for this reason lice removal services have become a popular option for getting rid of lice.  

The National Association of Lice Treatment Professionals, or NALTP, put into place standards that members should follow when offering services. For instance, members are required to avoid the use of pesticides. If you were concerned about using chemicals, you can rely on a member service to safely take care of your child's problem.  

If you are considering using a lice removal service, determine whether or not the service is a member of the NALTP. You can also contact the organization directly to find member services in your area. If you are planning to use a non-member, review the standards in place for the service before agreeing to treatment for your child's problem.