Improving Your Neck Mobility With Physical Therapy

When you have neck problems, your head can feel like the size and weight of a bowling ball. You may have arthritis or some other problem that gives you chronic neck pain, but the solution is not to minimize the movement of your neck. To stay mobile and reduce pain, you need to maintain your range of motion. One excellent way to help you accomplish this goal is to use a physical therapist.


Chronic neck pain is one of the more common physical problems that people experience. Although it is often caused by the wear and tear of simple aging, it can also be the after-effect of a car accident or some other traumatic injury. You can end up with bulging disks, bone spurs, and arthritis, all of which can exert pressure on your nerves, causing tingling in your limbs and a nearly constant ache.


After visiting a physician, you may be directed to begin physical therapy to help you maintain and improve your mobility. You will be prescribed neck exercises such as neck stretches to perform on a daily basis. You can do these exercises at home, but first you will need to learn to do them correctly under the guidance of a therapist. Simply starting your own treatment program is not wise. Your physical therapist should also direct you to begin neck strengthening moves. When your muscles are stronger, you should experience less stiffness and pain. 


Sometimes, your physical therapist may prescribe cervical traction. This method will help stretch the neck and extend the space between your vertebrae. You should experience relief from the pressure and pain that compacted vertebrae inflict on you. The physical therapist can guide you to the right equipment for this job which may include a pulley system. You should never attempt to use these devices without professional guidance. Items such as cervical pillows and collars may offer some relief but haven't been shown to improve the actual condition. Improving your neck will require a sustained effort. Only the worst cases should be treated surgically. 

Neck pain can ruin the quality of your life and affect your work performance and personal relationships. When your neck hurts, you may want to lie down and not move. Of course, giving into your chronic neck issues just means your mobility and pain will get worse. You need to take an aggressive approach to treatment and consult your personal physician and a physical therapist. Once you work on the problem, your neck issues should improve. 

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