Rushing Into Marriage? How Premarital Counseling Can Help You Figure Out If You Are Making The Right Decision

With divorce rates at an all-time high, the last thing anyone should do is rush into marriage without getting to know their future spouse first. If you just met someone a couple weeks ago and both of you are thinking you should get married right now, you may want to slow down a bit. Premarital counseling can help you figure out if getting married so quickly after a brief courtship is the right thing for you. Here is how premarital counseling can help.

Finding out Things That Are Unsettling

Couples that rush into marriage soon discover that their new spouses have some very unsettling things about them. This may be unsettling personal characteristics or unsettling history involving legal issues or spending habits. Premarital counseling not only helps you put on the brakes for just a bit, but also helps you and your love talk about things that may really be a problem for you after you are married. If your intended is unwilling to even go to premarital counseling, that may be a red flag that he or she has some things he/she does not want you to know about him or her.

Learning about Vastly Different Points of View

Opposites do attract, and sometimes they can stay together. That is not always the case. Some differences are just too different and there is no relationship glue that can keep you two together if these differences become a sore and sticking point between you. What is said at the beginning of a relationship may not be honest you may have said that you do want children when really you do not simply because you may believe that you could want them later. Your personal beliefs, if they are strong when you are young, rarely change as you get older. Subsequently, premarital counseling can get to the truth of many such statements. Then you may find that you would  have been unhappy or unwilling to acclimate to the differences in your relationship.

Learning about Past Relationships and What Made Those Relationships Fail

Another reason couples rush to the alter too quickly is because they have adopted a mentality that tells them to hurry the relationship along so they can avoid another failed relationship. Instead, you can take a breath and with a marriage counselor's help you can uncover why those relationships did not work out. Then you can figure out if this one will succeed or fail and whether or not you want to proceed with a marriage knowing and seeing some of the warning signs from past experiences.

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