How To Handle An Independent Medical Exam After A Car Accident: Tips For You

When you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident that caused you injuries, you may assume that your car insurance or that of the other party in the accident will automatically cover your medical care and expenses after the accident. However, what often happens is that the insurance company requests a separate independent medical examination when those injuries required extensive medical care or left lasting or permanent damage or impairment. If your insurance company has requested an independent medical exam, there are steps you can take to better handle the situation and be sure that you get the care and coverage you need.

Do Not Assume The Doctor Is Out To Get You

Many people get defensive when their insurance company requests an independent medical exam after an accident. While this is understandable, you also do not want to approach your appointment under the assumption that the doctor is somehow out to get you or prove you to be a liar when it comes to your car accident injuries.

The doctor you see is meant to provide a non-biased medical opinion about your health and the injuries you sustained in your car accident. As such, you will want to be open and honest with them during your medical examination. Explain to them the care and diagnosis you received after your accident. Talk to them about any chronic pain or lasting effects you are experiencing, and be cooperative when they ask you to perform certain tasks or try to examine you.

Being defensive with the doctor during an independent medical examination may lead them to think that you have something to hide and are not being honest about your injuries. Such a state of mind will actually work to your disadvantage and may cause you further disputes with your insurance company.

Do Not Go Alone If You Feel Uncomfortable

Some people have a difficult time with medical appointments in general, but can be even more stressed out at the prospect of seeing an unfamiliar doctor in an unfamiliar setting. If this is the case for you, just know that you do not have to go to your independent medical exam alone.

You can have a friend, spouse, or other family member come with you to the appointment so that you do not feel isolated or uncomfortable. If you need a second set of ears and eyes in the independent medical exam for your own peace of mind, you can have your companion come into the exam room with you and take notes on what goes on in the appointment and will be able to keep track of details you might otherwise forget.

This record can come in handy in the future if your insurance company uses any of the information from that independent medical exam to reduce or withdraw your benefits and coverage for the injuries you suffered during your accident. While you do not want to be defensive with your doctor during the exam, you also do not want to leave yourself vulnerable in case your insurance company causes problems.

Now that you know some of the steps you should take when your insurance company requests an independent medical exam, you can better prepare yourself and handle the situation.

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