6 Tips For Better Sleep In The Third Trimester

As any woman who has been pregnant knows, getting a good night of sleep the third trimester can be very difficult! Back pain, heartburn, frequent urination, and big baby kicks can cause you to toss and turn all night long. But there are a few things your can do to increase your odds of falling into a deep, restful sleep. Use the following tips to improve your sleep during the third trimester of your pregnancy:

Don't Eat Before Bed

When you're pregnant a hunger pain or craving can strike any time, but if you're looking forward to a good night of sleep avoid eating in the hours before bedtime. Eating in the hours leading up to bedtime can result in a horrible case of heartburn, which can prevent you from falling asleep and staying asleep. 

Purchase a Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is a curved, body length pillow that is designed to support a pregnant woman's body. Many woman find it very comfortable to place it between their knees and use the upper portion of the pillow to rest their baby bump on.

Lower Your Thermostat

Late pregnancy hormones can cause a women to feel uncomfortably warm or hot. For a good night of sleep, turn your air conditioner down a couple of degrees so you can feel cool and comfortable.

Sleep on Your Side

It is highly recommended that women sleep on their sides during the third trimester of pregnancy. Sleeping on your back can be dangerous for baby's blood supply, and it can also be very difficult to breathe due to the pressure of the baby.

Incline Your Body

If you have a case of heartburn that antacids can't put a dent in, try getting some extra pillows for your bed. Propping up your upper body while trying to sleep can help prevent stomach acid from irritating your esophagus. In addition to sleeping at an incline, consider trying liquid antacids at night instead of tablets, as the liquid form is thick and will coat your throat.

Limit Nap Time

Pregnancy can be absolutely exhausting, and many pregnant women enjoy taking a nap when time allows. If you're lucky enough to to squeeze a nap into your day, don't let your nap last for hours at a time. During a long nap you will fall into deep sleep cycles; not only will this make you feel groggier when you wake up from your nap, but it can also prevent you from being able to fall asleep easily at night. Contact a gynecologist like one from Triad OB-GYN PC for more information on women's health.