The Warning Signs Of Throat Cancer

There are many reasons to visit a throat doctor, but one of the most serious reasons is because you suspect you may have throat cancer. Everyone is at risk of cancer, including throat cancer, though this particular type of cancer is especially common among those who smoke or have a family history of the disease. If you fall into one of these risk categories, you should be mindful of common throat cancer symptoms and be checked out if you notice any of them in yourself. However, anyone who experiences any of the following symptoms is advised to visit a doctor for advice and further guidance.

Trouble Swallowing

Do you often find that food gets lodged in your throat? Or maybe sometimes, out of the blue, you feel as though you have forgotten how to swallow? If the answer is yes, then you are experiencing difficulty swallowing. This condition has a name of its own, known as dysphagia.

If you experience problems swallowing, don't automatically assume you have throat cancer. This issue can be caused by other problems. However, if you do experience it, it is wise to see a physician.

Vocal Changes

If you've always had a high-pitched voice, and you suddenly find that your voice is raspy and throaty, or vice versa, seek medical attention. Any change in the way you sound could be a sign of throat cancer.

Like dysphagia, changes in the voice can be caused by other issues or even behaviors, such as smoking. However, it's always best not to take chances when you notice changes in your body.

A Chronic Cough

Everyone experiences coughs and colds from time to time. If, however, you find that you have developed a cough that just won't go away, throat cancer or some other illness could be to blame.

This is especially true if the cough is very dry, harsh, and rattles the throat. In any case, however, don't risk your health by refusing to see a doctor!

Chronic Sore Throat

As is the case with coughs, sore throats are common among even the most healthy individuals. However, a sore throat that has no apparent cause and that just won't go away could mean something more serious.

Throat cancer, like any cancer, is most easily remedied when it is caught early. Therefore, never hesitate to visit a throat doctor if you think you may be experiencing any of the signs of throat cancer.