Coping With The Side Effects Of Pain Medications

When you are required to take a medication, you might believe that you will inevitably experience harmful side effects. But fortunately, a compounding pharmacy may be able to reduce the effects of a medication by altering your medications. This is especially helpful if you are suffering from debilitating pain, but are struggling to take your medication due to the side effects.

Changing the How You Ingest Your Medication

One of the common side effects that you may experience is nausea or vomiting as a result of your medication. Fortunately, a compounding pharmacy might be able to turn your medication into a cream, which would allow you to avoid having to ingest the medication. Sometimes, multiple medications can be combined into a single cream.

Also, if you are struggling to swallow your medication, a topical cream completely bypasses this. Another option is to take a medication that simply dissolves on your tongue. A compounding pharmacy can create a dose that comes in a flavor that you won't mind taking.

Consolidating Your Medications

Compounding pharmacies can also help you keep up with the various pain medications that you might be on to treat the symptoms of a disease you are suffering from. This makes it much easier to avoid forgetting one of your pills.

Changing How You Take Your Medicine

You can make changes to how you take your medications to reduce the side effects. For example, if your medication causes an upset stomach, this can often be reduced or eliminated by taking your medication with food. You must also contact your doctor to tell him or her about the side effects you are experiencing. While some side effects are expected, others are often an indication that you received a dose that was too large. If your doctor provides you with the smallest dose possible, you could have the size reduced by a compounding pharmacy.

Using Other Medications

It may also be necessary to take additional medications to cope with your side effects. If you are suffering from constipation from your medication, you might need a stool softener to alleviate these symptoms. Also, drinking more fluids and increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can help alleviate constipation.

If your medication makes you feel drowsy still, ask your doctor if you can take it only at night. Also, try to work on improving your overall health to counteract the drowsiness-inducing effects of the drug. Even a little bit of exercise can boost your energy levels. Also, your doctor might recommend sleeping pills. Talk to experts like for more information.