Behavioral Health EHR System: How It Can Make Treating Patient's Easier

Are you running a mental health clinic and want to keep your patients medical records more secure? You can invest in an electronic record keeping system that is hard to access without a password, as well as makes it easy for you to keep accurate records. In this article, learn how owning an electronic health record (EHR) system can make treating behavioral health patients an easier task.

What Makes an EHR System Ideal for Treating Patients?

Behavioral health problems can be a condition that many patients don't want others to know they are dealing with, such as family or friends. That is why it is important to keep their mental health records protected, which can be hard when you keep them in files on paper. An EHR system will allow you to assign passwords to specific employees at the clinic so they can access records. For instance, you may only want other behavioral health specialists to have the password to records as opposed to receptionists, janitors or anyone else working in the clinic.

Another benefit of an EHR system is the ability to keep accurate records of how your patients are being treated. You can digitally store the type of prescriptions being prescribed and how well a specific patent is reacting to the prescription. There are charts available to help you monitor progress based without having to do a large amount of digging into paper records.

An EHR system makes filling out important documents easier as well. The reason is due to a function that automatically populates your patient's information in certain fields on electronic forms. For instance, your patient's name, address, date of birth and what they are being treated for can auto-populate depending on the software that you opt for.

Can Patient's Financial Records Be Maintained on an EHR System?

You can keep track of what you are owed through an EHR system, as well as create billing reminders for patients that have fallen behind on payments. Keeping track of what your patients owe can help you avoid having to file lawsuits or end up losing money.

Treating behavioral health patients can be a rewarding career, especially when you are able to monitor their progress from when you first began treatment. Get rid of the need for filling out a lot of papers that can be easily accessed by other people by investing in a behavioral health EHR system for your clinic!