How To Prepare For Cataract Surgery

If you have been told by an optometrist that you have cataracts, they might have suggested cataract surgery. Cataracts are a normal part of the aging process, occurring often with older adults. Cataracts cause a clouding of your eye's lens, which can affect your vision. They worsen over time, making it more difficult to see clearly as you age. Cataract surgery can remove the cataracts or treat them so that they do not worsen. Here is more information about the procedure and how best to prepare for it.

The Causes of Cataracts

It helps to first be more aware of the surgery you are getting in order to decide if you want to get it. Cataracts themselves are often caused by the aging process. While they can develop at an earlier age, you won't usually have difficulty with them until you get older. Other possible causes of cataracts are eye trauma, eye surgery, diabetes, smoking, exposure to UV rays, congenital development, taking certain medications, or having a family history of cataracts.

Candidates for Cataract Surgery

Generally, anyone who is having problems with their vision as a result of cataracts is a good candidate for the procedure; however, not everyone chooses to go through with it. Your eye doctor can inform you of whether or not you should get the surgery. Some reasons to get the surgery are if colors seem dull, if your vision seems blurry or dim, if you have had to get a new eyeglass prescription more often, or if it seems worse at night, particularly while driving.

How to Prepare for Surgery

The following tips can help you better prepare for your cataract surgery, if you have decided to go through with the procedure.

  • Take time off work – You will want to have at least a couple days off work, even though this is an outpatient procedure. It helps to have these days for relaxing at home.
  • Arrange transportation – You are going to be released from the medical center the same day, so arrange to have a ride home. You should not drive after the procedure, and it is best to have someone you know and trust to drive you home.
  • Do not wear makeup or products – On the day of surgery, remember not to have any type of skin oil, moisturizer or lotion, or makeup of any kind. You also don't want to wear a lot of jewelry that can get in the way of the procedure.
  • Take care of your health – Do not smoke cigarettes before the procedure, as tobacco can affect your ability to heal. You should eat a light breakfast before your procedure, but not drink alcohol the day of or the day before your cataract surgery.
  • Use prescribed antibiotics – Your eye doctor might prescribe antibiotic eye drops to put in your eyes before the procedure.

If you follow these tips and any other instructions from your eye doctor, you will be more than ready for your cataract surgery. Visit Midwest Eye Care PC for more information.