How To Show Your Loved One You Care While They Are In A Nursing Home

Moving into a nursing home is a big life change for your loved one.They go from living in the comfort of their own home, to a location that is completely new and likely uncomfortable to them. This article will talk about 3 easy, yet important things you can do to show your loved one that you are there for them during this life changing transition. 

Visit Often

An excellent way to show your loved one that you care is to visit them. You can either visit them in the nursing home, or you can pick them up and take them somewhere (if this is allowed). If you visit them in the nursing home, it can be a good idea to bring a game, pictures, books, a movie, or some other source of fun and/or entertainment for the two of you.

If you decide that you want to pick them up, then you can take them to lunch, a movie, or some other fun activity that the two of you will enjoy. The key with this is to spend time together, and show your loved one that you will still visit them, even if they are living in a nursing home such as Diamond View Assisted Living

Call Them

This is perhaps the simplest way that you can show your loved one that your are thinking about them. While many nursing home residents do not have a phone of their own, they do have phones in their rooms. You can simply call the nursing home, and give the name or extension of the person that you are trying to call. You will then be directed to your loved one's room, and can talk to them. Try to remain happy and upbeat when talking with them, and allow them to express how they are feeling. Talk with them about what activities they have been enjoying, and the things that they like about the nursing home they are in. 

Send Flowers

If your loved one has a birthday, undergoes a surgery, or has some other significant event, it can be an excellent idea to send them flowers. You can send the appropriate color and style of flowers for the event, and you can attach a note that has your kind words on it. Many nursing homes, have a florist shop right inside of the nursing home, making it easy for you to order the flowers and have them delivered. Each time your loved one sees the flowers they will be reminded of how much you love and care about them.