Questions For In-Home Care Applicants

It's never easy deciding to have someone come into the home and take care of your loved one.  But it is a huge decision, and takes a lot of time to find just the right person.  When interviewing, you want to find out the most about each applicant so that you can get the right person for the job.  Just as you would interview someone applying to take care of a child, you must do the same for someone taking care of your aging loved one.  Here are some important things to ask your in home care applicant.


Ask first for a current photo ID.  If they are a good contender for the job, you'll need to run a background and credit check.  If they are from an agency, the agency may have all of that information on hand.  They should also be able to provide you with the proper documents proving that they are bonded and insured.


Find out what training documentation and certifications that they currently hold.  You may have to check on specific services such as dementia care.  They should always have the basic certifications such as first aid and CPR.   


Ask about immunizations and current health status.  If they are not healthy or not immunized, they may be a risk to your loved one. 


Have them discuss their previous experience with in home care.  Ask about the length of time that they've been doing the job.  Ask about work situations and find out if it was in home or at a senior care facility.  Find out why they left their last position.  This is also the time to ask about references as well.  Get specific past employers and past clients. 


Find out why the applicant is interested in this type of work.  Ask what got them started in the process of working in the home doing in-home care.  Ask what they like about the job, and what they dislike as well.  Find out if they will be comfortable with the tasks that they may be doing on the job.  If necessary, ask if they are comfortable working with someone that may have different mental or emotional states each day.     


Find out if the applicant is willing to do all that may need to be done in a work day.  They may be doing medical related tasks, but they may also be preparing food, doing household chores and caring for a pet.  Be sure to find out how much they are comfortable doing before considering them for hire.   


Let them know the hours that they will be expected to work and find out if there are any conflicts with that.  Make sure they understand the needs daily and hourly.  Discuss time off, holidays, vacations and weekends.  Find out what they are expecting to be paid and whether or not that is in your budget.

Finding someone that will adequately care for your loved one is difficult.  Hopefully you can find solace in asking the right questions and finding the right in home care worker for your family. To get started, contact an agency such as Assisting Hands Naples.