Proper Nutrition For Your Child: When Your Child Is A Picky Eater

When your child is a picky eater, it can be hard not to worry about their nutritional needs. If your child will only eat a few items, you may have to provide these items until they are able to make more mature food choices. While you can try to introduce new food items to your child all the time, forcing your child to try new things isn't likely to work. When you are tired of fighting at mealtimes to get your child to eat, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your own stress over their appetite or lack thereof.

Bladder Issues After A C-Section

Whether your first Cesarean section, more commonly referred to as a C-section, was planned or an impromptu medical necessity, it will take your body longer to recover than had you given birth vaginally. Your body has undergone major surgery, so complications may arise. Infections can occur at both the incision site and the internal organs. With a C-section, there is an increased risk of hemorrhaging. Another possible serious complication is injury to the organs, whether directly or indirectly, from adhesions, which is scar tissue that attaches to organs and the abdominal cavity.

What Can You Do About Your Child's Lice Problem?

Over-the-counter treatments for lice have been said to be the safest and quickest method of removing lice for years. Unfortunately, lice have become resistant to some of the chemicals that are found in those treatments. Instead of ridding your child's hair of lice, you could end up feeling frustrated. If your child has head lice, here is what you need to know.  Is Combing Required? Even if you are using a natural remedy that promises amazing results, take the time to comb through your child's hair and extract the visible nits.

Virtual Reality Treatments Can Help Address the Physical and Mental Pain Car Crash Survivors Experience

A normal day can take a tragic turn when a routine drive to work or elsewhere results in a car accident. Surviving the accident with major injuries could mean extensive physical rehabilitation. A path to full recovery may be possible, but a tremendous amount of pain may be experienced during the healing period.  Mercifully, inroads in pain management have led to a very interesting new pain treatment process. Virtual reality technology is one new method being employed to assist recovery.

How To Keep Your Child Cold And Flu Free This Holiday Season

Colds and flu tend to make the rounds during the holiday season when people are out shopping and attending family gatherings. Children are at particular risk when they are around other sick kids at school. But no matter what bugs are spreading, your child's pediatrician may recommend certain tips to help keep your child healthy during the holidays and throughout the cold and flu season. Get Your Child the Flu Vaccine