Adult Medicine: Abnormal Bleeding

If you are a mother, odds are good that you frequent your family care clinic. Kids seem to get hurt all the time. Luckily, most family care clinics are also licensed in adult medicine. For example, they may be able to help you if you should have abnormal bleeding.  Unfortunately for women, monthly bleeding is nothing to write home about. With a menstrual period that comes every month, you should be used to the volume and length of your visitor's stay.

Losing Weight: What Are Your Options?

Looking in the mirror and realizing that you've packed on considerable weight due to stress, overeating, or other factors, you may be dismayed. Losing weight isn't easy for many people. However, there's no need to keep sulking; weight loss can be done in many ways, and some of the options below could work for your particular body. Burning Calories The traditional weight loss method is to simply burning more calories than you consume.

How To Help Seniors With Motion Sickness

Nausea is a severe issue for those with motion sickness. It can happen at home or on the road, even from sitting up in bed too quickly. Motion sickness is a condition that the elderly are especially susceptible to, so home health care workers may see it a lot. Of course, you may not always have a home health care worker there with you when motion sickness takes hold. These tips will help you prevent motion sickness before it begins, especially if you are caring for a loved one who is especially prone to experiencing it.

What To Do When Your Employee Has Borderline Personality Disorder And An Addiction

You hired a great employee, but they are showing troubling signs of addiction. Sadly, statistics indicate that there's a good chance an employee with a drug addiction may also have borderline personality disorder, a troubling mental health problem that makes life very difficult. Here's what you need to know about how addiction and this disorder can be handled in this situation. Signs Your Employee Has Borderline Personality Disorder And May Be Addicted

Two Important Questions New Patients Often Have about Ultrasounds

One of the greatest advancements of modern medicine has been the increased ability to see inside the body without a need for exploratory surgery. This has been a tremendous bonus for both physicians and patients. In particular, ultrasounds have emerged as a common diagnostic procedure that many patients undergo each year. However, if you have never been through this type of diagnostic procedure, there is a  strong chance that you may have a couple of questions that you are wanting addressed.