3 Ways To Revitalize Your Skin

Your skin is the largest body organ. It comes into contact with every environment that you live in. From chlorine from the pool to UV rays from the sun, to pollen and smoke in the air, your skin needs extra care in order to recover from everything it is exposed to so that it can remain healthy and beautiful. Your skin not only needs to be repaired when it is damaged; it also needs to be revitalized.

Tips To Prevent Stress During Delivery

You've waited nearly 40 weeks to meet your beautiful bundle of joy. The big day is near and you'll be going into the hospital soon. To help prevent stress during your delivery and leading up to it, there are a number of things you and your partner can do. Read below for helpful tips. Take A Lamaze Class By taking a Lamaze class, you're going to learn all about breathing through the pain of contractions as well as how to push.

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms, Risk Factors And Treatment Options

Ovarian cancer affects a great number of women worldwide, although most women have no idea they have it. The reason why is that so many women skip their routine visits to the gynecologist. That yearly visit could save your life. Getting a pap smear and having a checkup with your gynecologist can catch this and other diseases or problems before they spread of worsen. See below for some ovarian cancer symptoms, risk factors and treatment options.

Losing Weight: What Are Your Options?

Looking in the mirror and realizing that you've packed on considerable weight due to stress, overeating, or other factors, you may be dismayed. Losing weight isn't easy for many people. However, there's no need to keep sulking; weight loss can be done in many ways, and some of the options below could work for your particular body. Burning Calories The traditional weight loss method is to simply burning more calories than you consume.